Mission is a must

Intercultural theology and the mission of the Church (2002). Editors: Frans Wijsen and Peter Nissen.

Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2002, VIII, 238 pp.
Pb: 978-90-420-1081-9 / 90-420-1081-9
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Table of Contents:
Frans Wijsen and Peter Nissen: Introduction. Peter Nissen: ‘Mission is a Must’. A missiological profile of Rogier van Rossum. I. Mission and Dialogue in a historical perspective. Leo Meulenberg: The Epistle to Diognetus - An Open Dialogue. Jan Rietveld: The Conversion of a Missionary: Reflections on the Life of Martin of Nantes (1638-1714). Gerard van Winsen: Missio ad gentes in the Spirituality of St. Vincent De Paul. Albert de Jong: Church, Colonialism and Nationalism in Tanzania. Mario Coolen: Searching for the heart of the Mayas. Five hundred years of spreading Christianity in Guetemala. II. The Theology of Mission and Dialogue. Michael Amaladoss: The Trinity on Mission. Arnulf Camps: The Evolution, Involution and Revolution of the Concept and Reality of Mission and Evangelization. Sjef Donders: The Consequences of the Choice of a Word. The Thick and Thin of Interreligious Dialogue. Wiel Eggen: Sign: “Precious schuts of murderous crowds”. Bach and mission’s third act. Pim Valkenberg: Jacques Dupuis as a Theologian with a Reversed Mission. Some remarks on his controversial theology of religious pluralism. III. The Practice of Mission and Dialogue. Wilhelm Dupré: Multiculturalism and Xenophobia. Reflections on a Common Dilemma. Jan A.B. Jongeneel : The Challenge of a Multicultural and Multireligious Europe. Jan van Lin: Correlational Model for Interfaith Prayer Meetings. Karel Steenbrink: Muslims and Christian Other: Nasara in Qur’anic Readings. Ton Storcken: Albert Peyriguère’s Existential Dialogue. Frans Wijsen : “When to elephants fight the grass gets hurt”. Muslim-Christian Relationships in Upcountry Tanzania. About the Contributors. Index of names.

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